Last month I traveled to Hawaii to attend a college friend’s wedding. Expecting a weekend of pure relaxation and fun with old friends, it quickly turned into chaotic disaster and a trip to remember to say the least. Perhaps I was still getting over the (literal) sting from the trip to post these photos but long story short: I forgot my ENTIRE wallet at the airport, then within hours of arriving and running down to the beach, I got stung by jellyfish which had wrapped around both my legs, cut up my whole left knee from the coral reef while surfing, and finally getting stuck sitting next to a crying sick baby next to me on the flight back was the cherry on top (I did end up getting sick immediately after…of course).

Despite all of the pain and stress, the wedding was one of the most beautiful ones I had ever had the honor of attending. SO glad to have experienced it all. xx

For all the weddings you’ll be attending:


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Zara studio top / J Brand Skinny Jeans / Alexander Wang Heels

Today marks the first official day of Spring. For the first time, I couldn’t be happier for a hopeful change in weather now that I’m living in New York. Stripping the abominable thick layers down to minimal clothing and introducing the brights back into my wardrobe is definitely something to look forward to. But of course, I have to kick off spring with some (more) classic black and white pieces first!

In addition, the end of winter and beginning of spring marks a tremendous highlight in my life as my first job takes off at Harper’s BAZAAR magazine as the Sample and Imagery Coordinator.

What an unbelievably humbling experience, I must say, to have the opportunity to work around such innovative minds.  What a positive year it will be!

Bonne semaine !

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Vince Little Boy Tee / Zara Printed Pencil Skirt / Shoes

When it comes to dressing myself, I tend to keep a subdued color palette. The exception to this penchant was this electrifying neoprene pencil skirt. Enthralled by it’s artistry, I had to scale down the rest of the outfit in order to let it shine. Sunday brunching about Los Angeles calls for chic and comfortable attire and these pieces procured just that. This lightweight skirt will most definitely reinstitute itself into my spring wardrobe as well, you can count on that!

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Even though we’ve had some amazing weather in the past few days, the truth of the matter is… it’s still winter & I continuously opt for some more practical “on-the-go” outfits. While I, and my mind, are running all over the place, I need to make sure I have a solid platform to get all of it done. My go-to’s are definitely anything black and white, small additions of leather, a carry-all bag and some angular sunnies to top it off. With this outfit, Ill be sure to check everything off on my list in no time!

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