THESE jeans are simply not your average. Parker Smith’s Jeans fit is insanely snug and are beyond comfortable. Best of all, their pants lift your booty like you cannot imagine, uhm THANK YOU! This week, I sported the Shark Bite in Ventura (which is PERFECTLY cropped for my 5’2″ self) and the Bombshell Straight in Stallion (And for those, I did have to snip-snip a tad at the bottom).

I can’t stress enough how buttery soft they are, how wearable they are and how flattering they are. My friend at Parker Smith also highlighted the fact they can be washed and tumbled dry while keeping their shape AND color. SCORE.

Check out a few of my favorite Parker Smith styles for Fall.

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It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted anything but amongst all of the studying, exams and work, I always manage to make what little time I have left for music. Richard Tran (@tranley) and I got together to make a short cover for you guys: Valerie by Amy Winehouse. Hope you ya’ll like the groove to this jam and enjoy!

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