The mornings in SD are much more calm and relaxing than the fast paced life in the LA area. It’s a place where people say “Hello, how are you?” and sincerely mean it, unlike the inevitable repertoire of responses we have to such greetings here in LA. Sometimes its a breath of fresh air to to wake up in a different city, to catch a glimpse of the beautiful scenery and just breathe, or shall i say, remain at ‘a stand still’. We tried to capture that subdued essence in our photos over the weekend.

As a Real Estate Agent, Alan often has to work on weekends showing houses. This weekend I had the opportunity to tag along with him at a breathtaking $2.75million dollar listing in Rancho Santa Fe, SD. We couldn’t resist taking a few snapshots in the gorgeous house! Soon after his work was done, we went over to Hillcrest to do some major vintage shopping damage.

Alexa: Zara Jumpsuit/ Zara basic sling back

Alan: Zara Cotton shirt/ Maroon 511 Levi’s/ Ben Sherman Clifton Zip ankle boots

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A natural native to SD, I love taking Alexa around to all of my favorite spots. Today’s destination: Seaport Village. Amongst all of the adorable mom and pop shops, our favorite is a Native American store called Indian Trails Trading Post right across from the water. On our way over, we couldn’t help but stop to take pictures right along the rocky edge.

Alan: Zara shirt/ Levi 510/ Michael Kors ‘Bradshaw’ Watch

Alexa: Vintage floppy hat/ Zara Dress/ Vintage sheer Kimono/ Zara basic sling back 

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