New York is a truly beautiful place when you have the time to just gaze at the architecture and see it from a far rather than in the midst of the crowded streets. When on a beautiful day, it’s best to climb atop a nearby rooftop and take in all that New York has to offer. Appreciative of where I’m living yet keeping in mind I won’t be residing in this city forever, I can’t help but to think… NY you sure are a charming place.

 Tshirt- Adidas (similar) / Denim: Joe’s Jeans Vintage (similar) / Heels: Zara (similar)

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  1. I love how simple and put together this look is. I would be afraid to wear white. Me: walking down the street…gets splashed by on coming bus… then hugged from a cute kid with sweet and sticky hands…lol

  2. White is always my favourite & there are lots of different white colour dresses into my wardrobe.
    Nicely clicked a very pretty white dressed girl @ a very beautiful evening

  3. All-white is definitely my favourite combo for the season! I used to hate white trousers in the winter for some reason but I am totally hooked on them now.

    Love the outfit x

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