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Zara Sandals (similar) | H&M Cotton Shirt | Harper’s BAZAAR Magazine

Simplistic and oversized pieces are my absolute go-to’s when it comes to my personal style. Having grown up primarily around sports, I’ve always looked for clothes that are not only comfortable but practical and sporty. Practicality for me often means ‘borrowing’ my boyfriend’s shirts from time to time as they offer that easy-breezy masculine aesthetic I yearn for. Showcasing the oversized button down shirt with some black denim and simple sandals, my look is easy and timeless. Add some red rouge for a look that transcends to a look for a night out on the town while still feeling effortless and comfortable.

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  1. Love the combo, simple but so timeless and classic! I always get inspired by menswear but have still to buy anything from the mens section haha

    Great blog, love the layout!


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