Vince Half Packet Dress / ASOS Booties (similar)  / Wide Brim Fedora (similar) / Alexander Wang Prisma Bag

Where the palm trees sway, where the sun is (almost) always present and where the grass is green… but not always greener, sunny California has always been my home. Like many of you have recently seen from previous posts I’ve just moved to the BIG Apple and am recently adjusting to city life and all of its obstacles. Overcoming my fear of public transportation as well as adjusting to the fast paced way of life has definitely been an experience. Regardless of the many changes and differences, I’ve been given an opportunity of a lifetime to intern at ShopBAZAAR, Harper’s BAZAAR in the city.

As ecstatic as I am to be here, there are still many aspects of home that I truly miss.  Envious of all of my friends’ “hot winter in Cali” photos and subtitles, this post goes out to you Cali!

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  1. Hii! Love your blog.. found it because I was searching for pictures of the Alexander Wang Prisma tote. 😛

    You might want to resize your pictures before you post them. They take a long time to load and make your page lag on my ancient laptop. 🙁

    Anyway, hope you keep posting! I’m subscribing!

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