A Current Affair Pop-up vintage marketplace was an extraordinary event, to say the least. Not only did we awe at the deliciously curated collections but we snatched up whatever we could at the early showing.

Alan hit “gold” when he found a vintage moto jacket, truly made to fit, found at @Trustfund21.Trustfund21 was mine and Alan’s favorite store by far as we not only picked up his moto jacket, I picked up some fabulous baubles as well! I’ll be sure to pick up some more vintage pieces on their Etsy site. (photos 2-7)

Next stop was The Goods <3 NY. Their beautiful collection of vintage Chanel was spectacular and their jewelry was meant to be bought by the stack! (photos 8-10)

Not too far later, we were drawn to Ordunadesign and her meticulously hand crafted metal and leather masterpieces. Not only were we interested in her craft, we were amazed by her history in the business. Beth Orduna, designer and creator, had been in the game for 2 decades and pioneered such innovations such as pearls on leather, tattered silk-wrapped gems, and reticulated metals with a Mexican influence. (photos 11-15)

Jessica Seaton‘s jewelry was to die for! I picked up 3 of her golden hand sculpted rings all to create one perfect stack of art. Her jewelry was beautifully displayed and I’m looking forward to more of her amazing pieces in the future. (photos 16-20)

When it comes to sunglasses, The Guise Archives  had it all! From classic frames to vintage Persol, Alan had a blast trying them all on. We definitely know where to find our next one-of-a kind frames. (photos 21-24)

Our last few stops included the free spirited Adored Vintage (photos 25-27), Salvage Life (photos 31-33) where I picked up a vintage sequence top, and finally Marie Monsod (photos 28-30) where I found the most amazing golden bag. I must say that our experience at our first ever A Current Affair was one to remember; A place where we enjoyed the company of the humble and artful owners, friendly bartenders, and fellow vintage lovers.

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