Simplified Intentions

It’s no surprise that apart from my general black and white go-to attire, I’m stocked up on the basic essentials. Vintage tee, moto jacket, worn in- denim and the perfect black boots, anyone? As we sift through our closets on the daily while repeatedly saying to ourselves “I have nothing to wear,” we forget that we can make a killer outfit even with pieces on repeat. And as part of my new year resolution: to simplify and destress whenever possible, this keeps to that promise and makes life a whole lot easier.

Leather Jacket (similar) // vintage tee (similar) // denim // black boot (similar)

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For those of you that don’t know, I suffer(ed) from cystic adult acne. I say suffer(ed) because I’m currently in the process of undergoing treatments and am luckily seeing great results. [treatment to be discussed at a later time] Nevertheless, with my intense regimen and products in use, it’s important for me not to over abrade my face, which would in turn cause more issues in the healing process. Clarisonic’s mia Fit has been a perfect addition to my daily routine as it’s a non-exfoliant, but gently lifts away dirt. No wonder Clarisonic is the #1 cleaning device recommended by US dermatologists. Even more than it’s effective cleaning abilities, the mia Fit is portable in size and a terrific gift to get anyone (nudge, nudge). Happy holiday’s everyone! xx


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Brought to you by Barefoot

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Boozy afternoon, anyone? Yesterday was the #BarefootBubbly fest hosted at the gorgeous Simon House in Beverly Hills. We indulged in everything from fruit-filled cocktails to a watching a special performance by the Aqualilies. After a bit of fun under the sun, I’d probably have to say that secretly one of my favorite parts of the event was discovering a blackberry flatbread that was TO DIE FOR…ingredients above 😉

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Museum of “Feels”

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When I heard about the Museum of Broken Relationships, I had to place it on my list of museums I MUST visit. Showed up with no expectations, only to be blown away and floored by some of the most despairing love stories, hence, my renaming of “The Museum of Feels.” For those of you who haven’t heard of this museum, essentially, people can donate items from their past relationships and have them displayed along with their stories to share.

The stories ranged from a woman wearing fake breasts while having sex because that’s the only way her significant other could get off. SO, naturally, she donated them after they broke up…  and then a story about an older lady whose husband passed and donated all of his cologne bottles as she couldn’t throw them away. Guys, I would go on to tell you more but this is one museum you have to come and see for yourself.

At the end, you leave either reflecting on how minimal your greatest heartbreaks were or realizing that you should probably dig up that piece of history from your ex that you know would make a great piece of art in the exhibit. #thefeels

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What Sunday’s Are Made Of


The perfect Sunday consisted of a decadent brunch and all things vintage shopping. To fuel up for the day with the ladies, we took quick detour to Sqirl, located in Silverlake, CA. This place is fan-tas-tic! No wonder there’s always a line out the door for this vegan-friendly restaurant. They cook up a mean Pesto Rice Bowl (pictured) as well as rich pastries, lattes and a variety of toasts, avocado toast included. The bowl was devoured before I had a moment to breathe and needless to say, I’ll be back (too) soon.


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Counting calories. Yay or nay?

The idea of counting calories always seemed like a pain in the ass, tbh. While the Fitbit and Apple watches of the world all seem great to help jumpstart a healthy mind and lifestyle, they’re not ideal for the money conscious population. Out of curiosity, I decided to download Fooducate, a free app, and am surprised to say that I’m not only more educated about what I put into my body but have become slightly addicted to this new life(style).

For those who share my struggle…the fast food/ junk food addiction, I’m sure you can imagine how hard it is to see your favorite food rated with the lowest food grade (graded on an A through D scale). It’s not that we aren’t aware of how bad the food is that we put into our bodies, but we’re not aware of what they can do to us. In the app’s nutrition tab, it tells you what alarming ingredients are in your food but also offers better food suggestions.(yay)

Guys, let me just tell you… I’ve struggled with maintaining a healthy weight for my size but being able to monitor what I eat singlehandedly put everything into plain view and I’m on my way to my (now foreseeable) weight goal.

Fooducate makes it truly easy and with that being said, I dare you all to try it. If the intention is not to lose weight but to become more educated, there’s nothing to lose! Cheers x

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Fall In


Fall is no doubt my favorite season of the year. Perhaps it’s because here in California, where the sun always shines, it’s finally socially acceptable to wear boots, suede and a hat all together. I always opt for premium basics when I can so that they last throughout the season such as the sleek and ever-transitional acne boots pictured above. Additionally, an outfit would not be fully complete without the proper accessory. My go-to accessory of the season is the Ray-ban RB3517 51mm from Salt City Optics. Something about this shape is perfectly reminiscent of the 70s trend and pairs well with just about anything.

Exclusive to my readers, Salt City Optics has offered an amazing deal–  you’re able to receive exclusive access to a special 25% off discount on full prescription sunglasses orders (meaning lens and frame) by using promo code FALLFASHION25 at check out.

Shop here

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